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The GLOCK Doc - Dave Street

Factory Certified GLOCK Armorer since 2004

Factory Certified Sig-Sauer Armorer since 2009

Factory Certified Remington 700 Rifle Armorer since 2010

Factory Certified Remington 870 Shotgun Armorer since 2010

Advanced Training in Colt AR-15 & M-16 Armorer since 2010

Factory Certified Springfield Armorer (XD, 1911 & M1-A since 2010)

Factory Certified Smith & Wesson M&P Pistol Armorer since 2011

Factory Certified Beretta 92-96 Series Armorer since 2011

Factory Certified Kimber Armorer since 2013

Advanced Training in Ruger 10/22 Rifle since 2013

Advanced Training in the Ruger LCP Pistol since 2013.

FFL Licensed Gunsmith, California Licensed Gunsmith


30-Years Law Enforcement Experience

15-Years Law Enforcement Rangemaster

NRA Certified Law Enforcement Instructor in Handguns & Shotguns

30+Years Experience as a Competition Shooter in Hanguns, Shotguns & Rifles

We Also Sell Police Trade-In's

Sig Sauers
Remington 870 Pump Shotguns
These guns are fully inspected & cleaned.
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Company History
The Glock Doc, Inc. was incorporated in 2009 as a gun-smithing business servicing Southern California.  The owner Dave Street is a 30-year retired detective and life-time gun enthusiast.  He handled collateral duties as a station range master and firearms trainer.  Dave is also a competitive shooter in action pistol and three-gun matches for more than 35 years.  Upon retirement, he started this company servicing both civilian and police firearms. 

Dave maintains a table at many of the Southern California gun shows working on guns and selling gun related products.  See page 1 for a schedule.  

As of 2011, Dave has expanded his business to selling police trade-in firearms.  As is typical of many police trade-in's, these weapons often have visible holster wear, but minimal actual use.  For many officers who are not gun enthusiasts, their pistols are only used for quarterly qualifications and occasional firearms update training.  A typical qualification requires only 25 to 30 rounds meaning the guns fire only 100 to 120 rounds a year. It's no surprise many of these guns are in great shape, especially since many departments clean & inspect issued weapons annually.

Dave markets these guns on under the company name "The Glock Doc."  Keep an eye on this web site as additional guns are constantly being added for sale.

Dave has published many magazines articles about police issues.  His gun related articles were published by "American Cop" in their Nov-Dec 2011 issue on Glock Maintenance and their July-Aug 2012 issue on Sig Pistol Maintenance.

Check out the other pages on this web site for a description of gun-smithing prices and services being offered.  Also, watch the calendar for upcoming gun show events. 

Serving the greater Southern California area

Appointments & Multi-Gun Rates Available
Quick Turn Around Guaranteed

Moreno Valley, Ca. 92557




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